What are technical Systems of Systems?

Large socio-technical systems with complex interconnections and dependencies that have

  • Many interacting components with
  • Partial autonomy (local actors with local management, priorities, and policies), and with
  • Physical connections, e.g. by flows of power  or by the consumption and production of resources.

Most important infrastructures are Systems of Systems (SoS), e.g.


  • Electrical power networks
  • Industrial production complexes
  • Transportation systems (air traffic, railways, road transport)

More information : www.cpsos.eu/roadmap

What are the main challenges?

  • Management of the system for optimal  economic and ecologic performance  respecting the autonomy of the subsystems
  • Coping with failures of components and  structural changes of the overall system

What has DYMASOS delivered ?

  • Methods and software tools for the  distributed management of technical Systems of Systems
  • Engineering tools for the design, validation,  maintenance, and deployment of SoS management tools
  • Strategies for the transfer of new SoS  technologies into industrial application

DYMASOS Project Concept

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icon-info The DYMASOS project has successfully ended on September 30, 2016. All results can be found on this website.

About the DYMASOS project

Supported by the European Commission under the FP7-ICT programme (contract no. 611281)

Start date: October 1, 2013
Duration: 36 months

Budget: 3,4 millions €
(with an EC contribution of 2.7 million €)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Engell,
TU Dortmund, Germany