Distributed minimum batch time optimization for batch reactors with shared resources


Lukas Samuel Maxeiner, Sebastian Engell


26th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering


In chemical process industry, many products are produced in semi-batch reactors due to the high flexibility in terms of amount, product type, and product specifications. Several similar or identical reactors are operated in parallel, producing a spectrum of products. These reactors usually share networks of resources, e.g. the feed flow rate, cooling water, etc. In this paper, the dynamic optimization of the reaction step for several semi-batch reactors is investigated. This is done for continuous operation using a cyclic constraint formulation. Instead of solving a monolithic plant wide minimum time optimization problem, local optimization of the individual reactors in combination with an overarching coordination scheme is proposed, due to its larger robustness and the possibility to use existing local optimizers. It is shown that the scheme converges to the same solution as the centralized optimization.