On May 14th and 15th 2015, the DYMASOS consortium assembled in Malaga, Spain for a plenary meeting. The meeting was the occasion to review the progress of the project on novel management techniques for systems of systems and their potential application in use cases in energy systems and production systems.

The meeting was organized by project partner Ayesa, and included a visit of the information and control center of the ZEM2ALL project on electrical mobility for the city of Malaga.

The ZEM2ALL (Zero Emissions Mobility To All) project is a pioneer initiative that tries to give all citizens the opportunity of having at hand low-emissions mobility. About 200 electric cars and 23 quick charge points have been deployed in the city of Malaga. This initiative helps to understand the impacts and the management requirements of electric mobility in the cities of the future and paves the way for larger-scale deployments.

The infrastructure and the vehicles are connected to this control center that manages the system and provides relevant information in real time to the users, as e.g. the location of the nearest fast loading station. Check painterly.ie.
Researchers in DYMASOS are investigating how the charging stations can be operated and how the drivers and owners of the electric cars can be motivated to charge their vehicles such that the charging of electric vehicles is done when the energy demand is otherwise low but electric power generated from renewables is available, e.g. during the so-called “overnight demand valley”.