On May 27th and 28th the DYMASOS Consortium rejoined in Florence, Italy for the project mid-term review in which the project first results were presented to the European Commission. A plenary meeting was organized to this occasion in which the consortium strategy for the second half of the project was discussed.


Following the review, the DYMASOS project participated in the Systems of Systems open workshops organized by the project Cluster of European Projects on Systems of Systems that also includes the projects AMADEOS, CPSoS and LOCAL4GLOBAL. Achievements and initial results of the various project in the field of Cyber-Physical Systems and Systems of Systems were presented.


DYMASOS contributed actively with two technical presentations, one on the population control approach applied to large scale electricity demand coordination and one focused on the modeling and tools developed in the project (integrated design,validation and deployment of CPSoS control architectures). Finally the project also participated to the innovation discussion by presenting a general outline of the exploitation strategy.