The DYMASOS plenary meeting took place on 25th – 26th March in the premises of Escuela Superior de Ingenieria of University of Seville in Seville, Spain.

The first day of the meeting was mainly devoted to the presentations of the industrial partners on the current status of the definition of the industrial use cases, the definition of the principles of modelling of the use cases and the developments in the simulation platform that will be used for the simulation of the defined use cases. The plans for dissemination of innovative developments of the project were discussed as well.

The second day of the meeting featured the presentations of the technical work being done to the development of the theoretical concepts on dynamic management of physically coupled systems of systems. The meeting finished with the visit to the laboratories of the Department of Systems Engineering and Automation at Escuela Superior de Ingenieria. We are grateful to the hosts of the meeting for perfect organization that helped to create and atmosphere for fruitful and stimulative discussions.

Meeting seville