The DYMASOS consortium brings together 5 academic partners, 3 industrial partners (large industrial companies), 3 SMEs, and one large provider of engineering and technological solutions, from 5 European countries (Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Croatia, France). The consortium offers a unique combination of outstanding researchers and of competences in application areas where systems of systems are found as well as in exploitation, dissemination and management competencies. It includes automation vendors, industrial end‐users, automation solutions developers and professional dissemination specialists. The consortium encompasses three large industrial partners for whom the systems of systems approach is of highest importance: BASF, INEOS – chemicals producers that operate large complexes that constitute systems of systems, and HEP – an electrical distribution grid operator.

These complementary competences and diverse backgrounds provide an optimal starting point for a research project in the area of systems of systems which is at the same time addressing generic issues and has a strong focus on real‐world applications.

Dymasos Consortium

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

euTeXoo GmbH, Germany 10-eutexoo

IDENER, Spain 11-idener

inno TSD, France 12-inno