euTeXoo Gmbh


eutexooeuTeXoo GmbH is a software and consulting company that was established in 2011 as a spin‐off of TU Dortmund, Germany (currently 1 staff / 2 founders, with planned increase by the end of 2013). euTeXoo GmbH operates at the boundary between engineering and computer science and specializes on the development, deployment, and customer integration of highly customized engineering solutions. It provides the following software and engineering services: (a) development of tailored engineering support software that is more consistent and much easier to use than existing tools, (b) provision and development of seamless automated integration of customer IT systems using a model‐ driven technology that was developed in the European research project MULTIFORM, (c) provision and development of infrastructure for the transfer of cutting‐edge technologies from academia to industrial application, and (d) development of new, intuitive and powerful industrial engineering technologies and tools. In addition, the company offers consulting services in the areas of IT infrastructure optimization, process control, operational excellence, and tool integration.

The founders of euTeXoo GmbH are highly trained experts in professional software development, industry‐driven academic research, and industrial engineering technologies and projects. This interdisciplinarity enables them to, on the one hand, understand in detail what the customer wants and, on the other hand, how to get it done

Role in the project

euTeXoo GmbH will contribute to the development of the engineering tools in WP4, to the industrial exploitation of the DYMASOS results in WP6 (as leader of task T6.4), and to the synthesis of project results in WP5.