Hrvatska Elektroprivreda (HEP – OPERATOR DISTRIBUCIJSKOG SUSTAVA d.o.o.) is a national electricity company (about 1400 staff) which has been engaged in electricity production, transmission and distribution for more than one century, and with heat supply and gas distribution for the past few decades. Hrvatska Elektroprivreda is organized in the form of a holding company with a number of daughter companies. Together with production sources, important components of the system are transmission and distribution networks (a total of 24 thousand transformer stations and 140 thousand kilometers of lines of different voltage levels). The activity of electricity distribution in Croatia is performed by HEP Operator distibucijskog sustava d.o.o., a distribution system operator company.

In addition to distributing electricity taken from the transmission network, ensuring reliable customer supply, managing sales, metering, billing and payment collection for electricity supplied, HEP ODS is responsible for maintenance, replacement, reconstruction and development of distribution network and plant. HEP ODS consists of 21 distribution areas in the entire geographic area of Croatia. HEP ODS has 2.344.908 metering points covering the entire area of Republic of Croatia. In the year 2011, installation of remote communication meters and their connection to the Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system continued, thus securing data necessary for the functioning of the electric power market (electric power consumption in hour intervals. The single base of remote reading metering points continues to expand and currently includes data from 17,000 metering points. Furthermore, research continues into monitoring the results of the use of the established substitute load diagrams for certain customer categories. In the course of the year 2012 a significant increase in the interest in connecting power plants to the distribution network was registered. Currently 87 power plants of 3,3 MW total capacity were connected to the low voltage grid and 18 power plants of 55,5 MW total capacity were connected to the medium voltage grid. Interest in connection of small solar power plants has considerably increased. The total share of production from renewable energy sources in total energy consumption in Croatia, due to installed large and medium hydropower, is currently annual average of 14%

Role in the project

HEP‐ODS will significantly contribute to WP5 by providing a case study and guidance to the development and application of advanced SoS management methods.