idenerIDENER is a Spanish SME (11 staff: 3 salaried employees and 8 working partners) dedicated to the application of advanced control methodologies in a broad range of fields: Predictive control, neural networks, learning and adaptive control; Network and distributed control; Stability, robustness and optimisation properties; Nonlinear systems, hybrid systems, stochastic processes; Quality control, fault detection and risk management; and System identification and modeling.

In this context and with a market focus on design and technology enhancement through the application of advanced systems and automation, IDENER helps to transfer technological know‐how from the scientific community to the marketplace, thereby offering a very high added value, which is one of the company’s most distinguishing traits.

Furthermore, the company is an active player in the Framework Program, with two projects under execution: iMAIN, a project related to the implementation of advanced control techniques in industrial settings aiming to develop predictive maintenance schemes; and Biogas2PEM‐FC, where IDENER contributes to the development of software for a hydrogen‐based power station.

Role in the project

IDENER will take part in WP 5 and will actively contribute to the industrial exploitation of the DYMASOS results within WP6.