University of Seville


USThe University of Seville (USE), created in the early 16th century, is one of the most important higher education institutions in Spain. USE will be involved in the project through the Automation and Robotics Group. This group has wide experience in fields such as modeling, simulation, prediction and control of dynamical systems, having developed several software tools for industry. The main research lines of the group are Model Predictive Control and Advanced Management of renewable energy plants, especially solar energy plants. USE has participated in several research projects in the Framework Programs, related to fields such as Open Distributed Control Systems, Risk Management or Energy optimization in oil pipelines. Recently, the group has participated in the projects HD‐MPC and FeedNetBack and is currently a partner of the Network of Excellence HYCON2 (Highly‐complex and networked control systems), all of them in the 7th Framework Program.

The research areas of the group are Modeling and simulation, Scheduling, Optimization, Predictive Control and Software development. Applications of these techniques have been done to power management in electrical micro‐grids, specifically the group is involved in a project to manage power generation, storage and consumption in a micro‐grid that includes solar generation and intermediate storage. Many projects have been developed in collaboration with industry.

This consortium has included a third party depend of the University of Seville partner. The third party is the Andalusia Industrial Associations of Research and Investigation, AICIA. AICIA will participate as third party, following the special case 1(foundations, spin‐off companies, etc created in order to manage the administrative tasks of the beneficiary)

Role in the project

Responsible for the work package 3 on coalition games and participation in WPs 1 and 5.