A Framework for Simulation, Optimization and Information Management of Physically-Coupled Systems of Systems


David Kampert, Ulrich Epple, Shaghayegh Nazari, Christian Sonntag, Sebastian Engell


IFAC Symposium on Information Control in Manufacturing



The paper deals with the optimization of the operation of so-called systems of systems, i.e. large systems where the subsystems possess some autonomy but the system as a whole has to be operated optimally. Specically, the focus is on systems of systems that are physically coupled, e.g. electric grids or production plants that are coupled by ows of matter and energy. Besides the development of suitable distributed optimization methods, their validation, integration and log-term use in real installations is a major challenge. To ensure maintainability and adaptability of the optimization-based management of a system of systems, the management of the information exchange between the system and the optimization methods has to be addressed. A concept for an information exchange platform was developed as part of the European project DYMASOS. The requirements for the platform are derived from industrial case studies.