A Modelica-based Modeling and Simulation Framework for Large-scale Cyber-physical Systems of Systems


Shaghayegh Nazari, Christian Sonntag, Sebastian Engell





This paper proposes a modeling, simulation, and validation framework for large-scale technical Cyber-physical Systems of Systems with distributed management architectures. The goal of the framework, which is based on the freely available Modelica language for object-oriented heterogeneous modeling, is to reduce the (currently very large) engineering effort for distributed management architectures while improving the quality of the designed system. The framework allows engineers to equip the management system with standardized interfaces, which will significantly increase re-usability of newly developed and legacy models. Furthermore, the overall CPSoS model, including the communication architecture, is generated automatically, making tedious manual implementation superfluous while reducing the potential of modeling errors, and the standardized, generic interfaces to which model components must connect to will provide a straightforward avenue for the deployment of management solutions to industrial hardware systems.