Coordinated Microgrid Control via Parametric Optimization


Branimir Novoselnik, Mato Baotić


4th IEEE EnergyCon 2016 conference


Microgrid is a cluster of distributed generation sources, storage units and loads that cooperate so as to improve the reliability and quality of the local power supply as well as the overall power distribution system. In this paper we present a coordinated control methodology for microgrids based on parameterized cost of local operation declared by each of its constituent subsystems. The overall control problem is decomposed into smaller decoupled local problems related to individual subsystems and one global coordination problem that describes the coupling of the subsystems. Each local problem is cast as a multi-parametric quadratic optimization problem. When the dimension of the coordination parameter is one, a very efficient algorithm can be used to solve the coordination problem. Performance of the proposed control strategy is illustrated on a simulation case study.