Dynamic Management of Electrical Power Distribution Networks



Branimir Novoselnik, Martin Bolfek, Marin Bošković, Mato Baotić

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This paper considers the problem of optimal dynamic management of electrical power distribution networks with distributed generation and storage. Initially, analysis is performed of the Optimal Power Flow (OPF) problem – a paramount optimization problem that needs to be solved to ensure optimal steady-state power network operation. In the rest of the paper we present a hierarchical control structure for solving the considered optimal control problem in a dynamical framework. At the upper level a dynamic OPF solver computes the optimal power references for distributed generators and storages at slow rate. These references are then transmitted to the intermediate level, where a faster Model Predictive Control algorithm computes small deviations from power references given by the OPF solver to take into account the variability of load profiles that was neglected at the upper layer. Finally, the power references are forwarded to the primary level where local controllers track these power reference values. A realistic simulation case study of a Croatian power distribution grid is used for testing purposes and to demonstrate the applicability and usefulness of the proposed control strategy.