Mean Field Constrained Charging Policy for Large Populations of Plug-in Electric Vehicle


F. Parise, M. Colombino, S. Grammatico, J.Lygeros

Conference :

IEEE Conference on Decision and Control


Constrained charging control of large populations of Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) is addressed through a mean field game theoretical approach. We consider PEVs as heterogeneous agents, with different charging constraints (plugin times and deadlines), that minimize their own charging cost, but are weakly coupled via a common electricity price. Using a mean field approach, we propose an iterative algorithm converging, in the case of infinite population, to the Nash equilibrium of a related decentralized optimization problem. In this way we approximate the centralized optimal solution, which would perfectly fill in the unconstrained case the overnight power demand valley, using a decentralized approach. The benefits of the proposed formulation in terms of convergence behavior and overall charging cost are illustrated through numerical simulations.