Primal and Dual Decomposition for Distributed MPC – Theory, Implementation, and Comparison in a Tailored Validation Framework


Radoslav Paulen, Shaghayegh Nazari, S. Amirreza Shahidi, Christian Sonntag, and Sebastian Engell


The 24th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation
Athens, Greece * June 21-24, 2016


This paper presents convergence-enhancing developments for two hierarchical techniques for coordination of distributed model predictive controllers. These techniques follow feasible- and infeasible-path coordination approaches respectively, having a goal of achieving an optimal distribution of shared resources, which represent physical couplings among the subsystems. The developments are presented on a benchmark problem of distributed model predictive control and the two coordination approaches are compared. The controllers, as well as the simulation model of a benchmark problem, are implemented and validated in a novel Modelica-based software framework for simulation-based validation that aims at reducing engineering effort while facilitating model reusability and the deployment of distributed controllers to realworld industrial systems.