Current EU  related projects on SoS :

  • AMADEOS: Architecture for Multi-criticality Agile Dependable Evolutionary Open System-of-Systems
  • CPSoS : Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems
  • CyPHERS : Cyber-Physical European Roadmap and Strategy
  • Local4Global : System-of-Systems that act LOCALly For optimizing GLOBALly

Past related project on SoS :

  • AGILE : rApidly-deployable, self-tuninG, self-reconfIgurabLE nearly-optimal control design for large-scale nonlinear systems
  • COMPASS : Comprehensive Modelling for advanced Systems of Systems
  • DANSE : Designing for Adaptability and evolution in System of systems Engineering
  • ROAD2SOS : Roadmaps for Systems-of-Systems engineering
  • T-AREA-SoS : Trans-Atlantic Research and Education Agenda on Systems of Systems

For more information on related project on SoS, please check out the European Commission unit on Complex systems and advanced computing website.