Use Cases


The goal of this project is to develop coordination and management methods for SoS that are industrially applicable. For the usability of the results, it is essential that industrial partners provide some guidance to define the right tools. To do so several Use Cases are  demonstrated in the DYMASOS  project. The industry‐driven case studies of real applications that are considered in the project are:

  • The electricity distribution grid of a city in Croatia, enriched with a future scenario of strong penetration of microgrids that are spatially distributed over the grid. This case study is further extended to the scenario of advanced distributed load and storage management, e.g. provided by electric cars.
  • The charging of electric vehicles at a city level.
  • The energy management of a large chemical production site,
  • The cross‐plant process management in an integrated chemical production complex.

Main results obtained have been made available in the related ‘DYMASOS leaflet inserts’ in the “Outcomes / Communication material” section of this website.